Litigation Skill Chosen by federal courts to manage over 30 complex cases and engaged by international clients from diverse industries, our attorneys’ ability to run a case of any magnitude is a core strength. But we are also known for taking on seemingly insurmountable claims and forging new frontiers for legal recovery for our clients.

Global Reach With a European office and our established network of affiliates around the world, Hausfeld LLP is well positioned to pursue our clients’ claims in any country and in any court. We offer comprehensive protection of our clients’ rights, wherever they may have been infringed.

Effective Results Unlike some law firms, Hausfeld LLP weighs how much it costs to reach our clients’ desired outcome, fostering a disciplined case management philosophy that focuses on working efficiently and strategically at all stages of the case. Our attorneys’ decades of experience in both litigation and negotiation inform every decision we make for our clients to maximize their recovery through the most effective means.

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For more information about the settlement with Electronic Arts, Inc. in O’Bannon v. NCAA, please click here.