Vision Statement

Our London office offers unique litigation and group-action skills to Europe. 

Our London office builds on our long-established reputation in European and international antitrust/ competition litigation. Our goal is to be a legal resource for claimants, providing advice and litigation on a basis not previously available outside the United States. This office also improves the ability of European investors and businesses to participate in antitrust and other actions for collective redress within the US.

We are developing effective means for the private enforcement of competition laws in Europe – in dialogue with competition and economic regulators, defendants, their advisors and the practising and academic legal communities.
In London, we bring economic, accounting and business advice to our work for claimants as a result of our association with some of the most renowned economists and consulting firms in the world.

Access to justice worldwide

Hausfeld & Co LLP is dedicated to achieving justice for victims of economic abuse, crimes against society and human rights violations worldwide. We work to preserve a key element of the justice system – the ability to restore integrity to society.

Our clients are businesses as well as individuals, singly and in group actions. We have a strong track record in recovering compensation for European claimants.

Combating price-fixing and monopolisation

We are currently taking action against British Airways (“BA”) in the High Court, London on behalf of claimants who suffered loss as a consequence of BA’s involvement with a number of other airlines in a global cartel to fix prices on air cargo shipments. 

As lead counsel for non-U.S. claims against a group of international airlines for fixing prices on air freight shipping, we have already obtained an $85 million settlement with Lufthansa for shipments within, to and from the United States. The settlement will result in thousands of European businesses recovering damages.

We represent thousands of travellers who paid fuel surcharges to BA and Virgin Atlantic on flights to and from the UK. Both airlines have admitted they illegally fixed these charges. The principal beneficiaries will be European consumers and businesses.

We were the only claimants’ firm to appear before the European Commission on behalf of European consumers in the Microsoft matter.

We have recently successfully negotiated a settlement with one of the marine hose cartelists, parker, in respect of the Marine Hose cartel.

Funding litigation costs

Hausfeld & Co LLP offers access to innovative funding mechanisms and sources which allow us to minimise or eliminate cost risks. By grouping claims in appropriate circumstances and by using the best available techniques and systems, we can reduce risk significantly. We have developed "Cartel Key" for use in competition matters.

You may contact us at (0044) 20 3170 7725.